We simplify dropshipping and sourcing products from China​

We source, pack and ship your branded products directly to your customer's door

We simplify dropshipping and sourcing products from China

Low startup costs, minimal risk, and countless niches to target. Ecommerce entrepreneurs have looked to dropshipping to get their first taste of action—and this exciting industry is still growing through the pandemic.

G-Office Premium Fulfilment Service supports clients by providing winning products for low prices. We supply products cheaper, and ship faster than AliExpress. Leverage our extensive network for factories to offer great products to your chosen market. Private line express shipping ensures fast shipping times and happy customers.

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Why should you work with us?

Extensive Products

Dedicated and experienced sourcing team will find whatever you need. Customize logos and packaging to build a strong presence in your niche.

Automated Fulfillment

Dropshipping is hard work. Our ERP software integrates into all major ecommerce platforms and allows us to automatically fulfill your orders, meaning more time for you to focus on growing your business.

Worldwide Shipping

We Maintains 3PL warehouses in UK, CAN, and USA, with more in development. We can also cooperate with your existing 3PL. Private express shipping lines get your products to your customers quickly and safely.


Frequently Asked

Read all the most common questions about the Premium Fulfilment Service

Currently we have a fulfillment MOQ of 30 total daily orders. This means your store must already be open and fulfilling at least 30 daily orders across all products. If you are meeting the MOQ, we will assign a fulfillment team to your account. If not, we can suggest other companies with which to start your store. 

Click here for a solution if you have less then 30 orders.

No. Products are shipped in their OEM product package, while clothing is mailed in a blank mailer bag. Products are then packaged in either a blank cardboard box, or standard mailer bag. No chinese lettering is present.

In order to help protect the competitive advantage of other clients, we do not provide best-selling lists or product catalogs. Clients send us links or product photos for our team to source.

Payment can be made by PayPal,Payoneer,Wise, Currenxie, Bank transfer,etc. All currencies supported. We do not directly process credit cards at this time. Clients who would like to pay with credit card could be paid via Payoneer.

YunExpress will not ship liquids over 500ml, No infringing products, dangerous goods, and contrabands (such as pure battery, prohibited liquid, prohibited powder, gun and ammunition) are allowed for YunExpress Global Direct Snail Mail (Fast).

Products with built-in batteries and supporting batteries are accepted.

Yes. We can source any packaging you would like. Logos, customized inserts and cards, etc. We'll help you create the bespoke unboxing experience to impress your customers. The fulfillment team will let you know what photos and files are needed for printing. There is a fulfillment MOQ of 100 daily orders for customized packaging

Skype is our primary platform. WhatsApp and Slack are also popular with our clients. Prefer something else? Ask and we'll do our best to accommodate!  

If you can find the product on AliExpress, there's a very high chance we can source a manufacturer. As long as the product is still being manufactured, and it's not under any exclusive production contracts or trademarks, our sourcing team can almost always find the product to fulfill. 

We average over 25,000 daily fulfilled orders, and currently have the capacity for 60,000 in peak seasons. 

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